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Apple iPod touch 8 GB 4th Generation (White)

Apple iPod touch 8 GB 4th Generation (White)

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Apple iPod touch 8 GB 4th Generation (White)

Client Evaluations

I bought my Ipod Touch 8G in January just for enjoyable and to see what all the fuss was about. I use a laptop and have wireless connectivity in my dwelling. But I do not store music on an Ipod and do not have "wise" cell phone. Right after employing the Ipod Touch for a couple of months, all I can say is "WOW".
This device is like carrying a smaller computer in your pocket. I can connect to the online wirelessly at household and anyplace I can find a public connection--library, cafe, and so on. I check my e-mail (read and compose), facebook, Meetups, Ravelry, take photographs and movies, and with the Skype App, can video call my children. I have come to be hooked on the Angry Birds game, which is fun to do although waiting anyplace. I have also downloaded audio books from my library to take with me when I travel. I knit and have any pattern I am working on loaded on my Touch so I don't worry about losing it. All this in a 2x4 inch tiny device I can carry with me everywhere.
I regarded as obtaining a wise phone rather, but Verizon's extra mandatory monthly expense of $30/month turned me off. It would be good to have world wide web access where ever I am, but I do not need to have it and do not want to spend $360/year for it. I like the fact that the Ipod Touch does not demand any additional monthly costs.
I compared my Touch to my friends Ipad. It appears that my Touch does most every thing the Ipad does, but the Touch is so substantially smaller.
My son has a Droid, which does what my Touch does plus it is his cell telephone. But games wear his battery down promptly. I do not have to worry about that because my telephone is separate from my Touch. And I feel my screen is a little bigger and sharper.
If I necessary to be connected to the world-wide-web at all times and have a cell telephone too, I would possibly stick with a smart telephone and spend the added $30/month. But if you want a incredibly versatile tool in a smaller package to carry with you, I extremely suggest the Ipod Touch.
So considerably enjoyable!

This critique is from an individual who in no way owned any Apple goods just before, married, healthcare qualified, blackberry and palm TX owner (yeah I know, belongs in a museum), I was looking for a handheld world-wide-web browser by wifi, no monthly fees for two years, with camera, video, and apps that i can use for my operate, and put in my pocket and it led me to this device. This is for that reason a fully un-technical, layman's review.
1. Delivery time: I was supposed to obtain this September ten-14 with the standard shipping, but I got it right now, maybe considering I ordered it as soon as Steve Jobs finished presenting, so this deserves far more than 5 stars!
2. Dimensions/looks: I actually prefer the "handling" of the bigger and heavier 3rd gen that I borrowed, its all smudge now devoid of any cover, but boy! this is the most fabulous handheld device that I ever held, 4 stars for being smaller and lighter and smudgy.
three. Display: The retina display is astounding! Like reading from a glossy magazine, and yes you can't see the pixels! 5 stars!
four. Wifi: Sync with ATT wifi - no predicament, wifi in fitness center - no difficulty, monthly fees - no difficulty! 5 stars!
five. Net Browsing: Tough to sort in the addresses initially, but pages loads super quickly (the longest was inside thress-onethousand - all news channels), surfed the net with no troubles,make pages larger or smaller... this gets five stars as well.
6. Speed (Processor): this issue is super quickly, internet pages load within 3 seconds, downloading apps inside 30 secs, youtube in a flash, the e-mail attachment that opened in 1 minute in my computer system took only 10 seconds! 5 stars indeed!
7. Camera: rather grainy, will not use it for any vital occasion, only for quick-I-want-a-camera moments, it will not replace my dSLR, but given that it wasnt there in the previous gen, and I only use my dSLR and nothing at all else, this camera is still a bonus it gets 4 stars.
8. Apps for function/"function": I already downloaded four incredibly beneficial apps for work for zero cost! plus 5 other totally free games for me and my 3 year old kid, the fact that I can now have apps with no an iphone/ipad is excellent, the fact that its totally free is sweet! 5 stars!
8. Video: 720p HD! And I purchased a Vado HD that does absolutely nothing else! Quality is up to par! five stars!
Overall, I have a device that surfs the net very highly fast, manages my email, has a camera, superb HD videocam, awesome free apps for work, that looks fabulous, and is amazing to appear at, that I got 1 week early, what a lot more can I ask for?! Worth every single penny and deserves 5 stars!
And it stores and plays music too?! And has facetime?! And maps?! I really feel like I paid for a Toyota and got a Lexus!
Will buy a different one particular for my kid so she doesnt have to borrow mine!

By : Apple

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