Wednesday, February 15, 2012

KHOMO Polyurethane Smart Cover FRONT + Hard Rubberized Poly-carbonate BACK

KHOMO Polyurethane Smart Cover FRONT + Hard Rubberized Poly-carbonate BACK Protector for Apple iPad 2

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KHOMO Polyurethane Smart Cover FRONT + Hard Rubberized Poly-carbonate BACK Protector for Apple iPad 2

Item Description

Khomo Introduces its new case for Apple iPad two. This case utilizes a Polyurethane Smart Cover FRONT (similar as Apple's smart case) PLUS it also has a Tough Rubberized Poly-carbonate BACK Protector. This case is ULTRA SLIM and is thin sufficient to match the thinness of the iPad 2. Not only does the case deliver your Apple iPad two amazing protection (from dust, scratches, oil, fingerprint, little impacts etc), it also gives you two approaches to stand up your apple iPad2 (Vertically and horizontally.) This case is chic, light weight and low-profile, and it does not add any bulk to the Apple iPad two 2nd Generation.This Case works the very same way (and is the same material) as Apple's Wise Case. The advantage of this case is that it also protects the back of your iPad two. So now you can have a complete protection for your iPad.

Client Evaluations

This case is amazing! I was looking for a case that was compatible with an Apple intelligent cover when I stumbled upon this one particular, and let me tell you: this is way much better. I do not have to be concerned about the cover coming off in my bag and the back of my iPad is safe from scratches. Nicely worth the cost (primarily since that value is half that of an Apple intelligent cover by itself!)
Update: 3 months later, the case is still on my iPad, and I still really like it. However, here are two problems that are type of bugging me:
1) The magnets had been never super robust (of course, you can not put especially strong magnets on an electronic device, duh!) but they seemed to have weakened over time. The case utilized to hold up just fine, but now I discover that the cover - when folded into a triangle to prop the iPad up - falls flat a lot or comes unfolded if I attempt to move it around. This in no way used to occur. It nonetheless holds up OKAY, it really is just frustrating to be reading or watching a movie and all of a sudden your iPad falls down/over.
two) The front component of the case has began coming apart. It was readily fixed, and I know precisely what happened, but I just think that if an individual sees this then they can be conscious prior to purchasing it. Here's what happened: The front cover fits so snugly more than the end, that when opening it, my fingers would lift up the edge, separating the front and back layers of fabric. So, immediately after 3 months of this light pulling (and opening/closing the iPad several times an hour, every single single day) the fabric has come apart at the edge. I squeezed a bit of glue among the layers and pressed them back together, so it's not a predicament anymore. Very easy fix, and the case still operates excellent otherwise.

I was about to give it a attempt to Apple's Smart case (for pretty much $40). Then I was thinking in acquiring a compatible case to also cover the back of my ipad two.... Then I found this listing and gave it a try.
Stunning It is the precise identical Apple Wise Cover PLUS it is attached to a tough back cover. All in just one particular case. It fits like a glove.
Intelligent Cover turn off the iPad screen when I close the case. It stands, it does everything perfectly... Im so content!
For this price tag I might possibly as nicely acquire various colors to have.
Top quality, size, color, almost everything five stars!


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