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Snugg iPad 2 Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand with Elastic Hand Strap

Snugg iPad 2 Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand with Elastic Hand Strap and Premium Nubuck Fibre Interior (Black)

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Snugg iPad 2 Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand with Elastic Hand Strap and Premium Nubuck Fibre Interior (Black)

Product Description

The really well-known Snugg iPad two Case is here! A black PU leather premium case which folds in all the perfect locations. Stands up perfectly for FaceTime or watching films and there is a cut out for the rear camera so that you can use the camera devoid of removing the iPad two from the case. Other characteristics of the case involve the capability to fold into the perfect typing position. Elastic hand strap for a comfy, enhanced hold while walking, exercising, lounging, or employing FaceTime. High high quality soft nubuck fibre interior and velcro flap to secure iPad 2 tightly in location when in landscape position.

Customer Reviews

Beautifully crafted leading high quality leather case which fits the functionality of the iPad two perfectly. Anything is fully accessible and the iPad is fully protected. This is the top rated-of-the-line iPad 2 case for enterprise use or the busy student. The iPad two is fully functional in just about every case position and there are no issues with operation in any case position. To me, the Amazon item description is very modest as this item has even more going for it as it is developed perfectly, I'll just add that I was amazed and pleased to see it is specifically what I wanted: An exceptionally crafted leather case for the iPad 2 that does not get in the way of the amazing iPad 2 attributes. I simply give full five stars to this wonderful item. It also puts the Apple magnetic cover to shame. (PS: If your cover turns off the iPad as the video indicates, just go to settings and turn off the auto-on/off feature.)

I wanted a complete body protection for my iPad2 the magnetic cover that Apple came out with didn't look like it supplied a lot protection. I had some reservations about ordering this cover but now I am certain I produced the perfect purchase. I've performed some moderate research on all of the up coming 3rd party covers for the iPad2 this a single seemed to deliver the finest protection as well as fine form function. The flap cover has magnets it operates as far as turning the iPad2 off on. The leather is nevertheless a bit stiff (given that it is new) so mine doesn't line up perfectly with the internal magnets in the iPad2. Typically I have to give it a tiny nudge so the magnets align so it will turn off. I didn't know that the cover had a magnets so this was an additional surprise. I am not positive if this will loosen up eventually. A single factor you need to be conscious of is that when you fully flip the cover all the way back so that the magnets are on the back side, it really puts the iPad2 in sleep/off mode. I believed I had a faulty iPad considering that it turned off when I was reading or surfing the net but it was actually the magnets.
About the only nick pick I have is that the leather on the leading part is not absolutely flat. When I turn on the camera for Photobooth or FaceTime part of the leather can be partially observed so I have to push it down to get it out of the way. Once again, when the leather sooner or later softens up this can or might possibly not be an issue. If I can add one particular factor it would be a stylus holder. I do some sketching and handwriting so it would be good to have a small holder for that.

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